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About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is "Do not let a single human being develop preventable fatal diseases". Our mission is "We commit ourselves to building a healthier nation by eradicating preventable fatal diseases by spreading information through all available resources and providing reasonable medical assistance".

Why name - Janani the Mother?

Before delving into the details of our strategy, we would like to introduce you to the central character, the corner stone of our strategic planning. It is the "Janani" - she who gives birth - the Mother. Mother is the axis on which the well-being of whole family depends. And eventually, families are the components, which make up the society. If the families are healthy and well, the society will be healthy and well. Nobody is more aware, concerned and mindful of the well-being of a family than the mother in the family. It is our belief that if we focus on the well being of the mother, keeping her informed and healthy, then the benefits will accrue to the whole family.

Why should we exist?

Question is why should we exist? Are not there thousands of organizations today, which serve the society by doing charity work? Are not there organizations which distribute medicines, organize camps, donate resources and have representatives working in the most remote parts of the country serving people? Yes, indeed there are and these are all very noble causes, of which all of them should be justifiably proud.

We like all the other organizations have either performed or plan to perform all of the fore mentioned activities but with a key difference. We will serve the already ill, but more importantly we will reach out to, educate, inform and equip the already healthy so that they never fall prey to the fatal preventable diseases. We will strive to bring an information awakening that will equip the masses with the knowledge to prevent the onset of such diseases.

We as a team have a unique advantage in that all the team members have been associated with the medical industry in some shape or form for past several years. This has given a knowledge base to us who we can collectively utilize for the betterment of society and to accomplish our vision. In addition, our team members have extensive contacts in the medical industry such as with doctors, specialists, in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, pathologies etc. Several of these contacts share our vision and are willing to work with us and offer us services at discounted rates. For example a box of tablets which generally costs Rs. 100 (say) is available to us for only Rs. 50. Therefore we can distribute medicines to 2 people (say) instead of just one for the same cost for us. We therefore maximize the benefit we provide to society from every rupee that we spend.

We are committed for building a honest, committed and professional organization which is true to the cause it has signed up and is geared towards delivering on promises it has made. We believe that given the commitment and expertise levels of our team members, our organization will stand out in the quality of service it will provide to the society.