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Only a healthy mother can lay the foundation of a healthy society. Unfortunately today a large percentage of mothers are addicted to tobacco and are opening the door to one of the most easily preventable fatal disease named Oral Cancer. A mother who is addicted to tobacco considerably increases the chances that child will also end up picking up these habits increasing the risk that the child can develop oral cancer. Also reality is that India today has anywhere from the 2nd largest to the 5th largest HIV positive population and mothers are leading this group of infections. We believe that the mothers of the nation are a very important group we need to focus on. We by no means are suggesting that it is only the mothers we will target.

It is our belief that by focusing on mother, we will have a much bigger impact than otherwise.

Detailed strategy

As is evident from above, the mother is the focus of our strategic planning which is oriented towards accomplishing the vision of preventing the occurrence of preventable fatal diseases. The most potent weapons we have are:

  1. Education
  2. Diagnostic Checks
  3. Support System for already diagnosed patients

Execution Framework

A strategy is only as good or as bad as its execution. We believe that having a clear plan of action to execute the strategy outlined above will define our success or failure at realizing the vision we have set for ourselves. We also realize that this vision cannot become a reality in a matter of months or years. It will take decades. It is therefore extremely important to have a framework that incorporates the execution of strategy outlined. Also a short term and long term plans of specific activities within the framework are required. The framework will guide to realize our vision includes:

  1. Organize activities which will facilitate the spread of education
  2. Organize camps which will offer preventive diagnostic checks and distribute medicines to the already afflicted
  3. Establish a central unit which will assist the eligible population to utilize schemes and assistance offered by government agencies and other institutions. This includes:
    • Regional distribution centers set up by World Health Organization (WHO)
    • Various assistance schemes offered by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Activities Framework

Our organization intends to follow this blue print and organize several instances of the activities mentioned below. Needless to say, the scope, scale and frequency of the instances of the activities mentioned below will grow with the size, and resources of our organization. The list below is by no means exclusive and exhaustive. As we continue to grow and expand and in the light of changing circumstances and environment in future which will inevitably happen, we anticipate changes to our strategy, framework, activities and plans which we discuss later with one constant and that is our vision. With that said, the activities are:

  1. Camps at public places, offering health check ups in partnership with the local medical agencies, hospitals, clinics, pathologies and members of the medical fraternity such as doctors, nurses, specialists etc.
  2. Camps in Schools, Colleges. An important aspect of these camps would be to educate, train, and develop relationship with teachers because they are one constant in schools where every year they interact with and teach a new class. They therefore can train, and influence a new group of students every year. It therefore is very important to keep the teachers informed and educated about the preventable fatal diseases.
  3. Quizzes in schools and colleges. We believe this to be an extremely important activity because the children in school are of very impressionable age and are easily influenced by ideas both good and bad. Our organization intends to focus on the children at schools to make them aware of the ill effects of smoking, drug abuse and unsafe practices which might lead to cancer and other diseases.
  4. Camps in offices both government and private to educate people about high risk behaviors which can increase their chances of developing preventable fatal diseases.
  5. Camps in small to medium sized cities, interior areas and villages to increase awareness about individual's and his or her family's health. Free checkup by doctors and free distribution of medicines.
  6. Distribute detailed, informative printed literature to each individual who will attend the camp.
  7. Distribute a questionnaire in every camp to gauge awareness of general public about the health and hygiene.
  8. Distribute 3 - 4 weeks of medicine to the patients depending on their income levels. Follow up with the patients to check if they need more medical supplies.
  9. Distribute our contact information to let anyone interested to contact us for more information, direction, advise, medication, and guidance about help available to them from other sources both government and non-government, the process to follow to get this help and any other health related issue.

Please keep in mind that we are not seeking to become brokers of information, but we realize that given the poverty levels and low internet penetration in India, the common man usually does not have access to such information.

Where we are going - The Future

Short Term

We in the short term (defined as next one year period) would like to organize on an average 2 camps per month. These camps will follow our execution and activities framework with a focus on providing education, conducting diagnostic checks, distributing medicines.

Medium Term

In addition to pursuing activities of organizing camps, we would like to expand our activities into the areas of visiting schools and colleges to conduct camps and quizzes, visiting remote areas of northern India to conduct camps, recruiting additional volunteers and establishing a more solid presence online where in we plan to document and make publicly available the knowledge base of our team about health issues, other resources for help and assistance and essentially increasing awareness about our organization amongst the masses.

In addition, we would also like to work towards obtaining reliable and sustainable sources of funds to be able to conduct our operations. Currently Janani The Mother Welfare Society survives on the contributions made by the good samaritans of the society and the team members of this organization. However, these ad-hoc fund sources will not allow us to expand as far and wide as we would like to and therefore we would like to secure structured funding and grants from government and other agencies both national and international.

Long Term

In the long term, we would like to establish Janani The Mother Welfare as an honest, committed and professional organization dedicated to the task of not letting a single human being perish because of preventable fatal diseases. We envision expanding into other parts and states of India and hopefully opening more branches throughout India as more and more people get aligned with our vision and work towards a healthier and more productive nation.

It is our goal to establish a centralized information cell which can disseminate information, guidance and provide assistance to people in all matters of health and health related administration issues. We would like to partner with other similar organizations to contribute to other areas where our organization can add value. This could include areas of vaccination, preventing female infanticide, eradicating superstitious methods to treat diseases etc.